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Who is alterra?

alterra is the leading B2B tech company in Indonesia that provides a wide range of services such as Bill Payment Aggregator, Distribution Network, Promotion Platform, and Tech Academy.

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The company has established since 2015 under the name Sepulsa, then it evolved as the pioneer of digital bill payment services, enabling top online players in Indonesia. It also served as technology enabler for offline to online (O2O) distribution network for Telco Industries, helping thousands of telco agents across Indonesia to get better use of technology for their business.

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Why alterra?

Alterra is connected to all telco players in Indonesia, and also licensed as the switching & aggregator for the services, processed millions of transactions every month, making it the best online telco aggregator in Indonesia.

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Our Team

Alterra team is 200 people strong (and counting!) with operations in Jakarta, Malang, and Jambi. Alterra was named the best work place in Indonesia by Jobplanet in 2017.

Alterra is proud to partner with Indonesia’s top tech companies and build the country’s digital ecosystem together
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